the resolution in english

This resolution is motivated by the existence of religious hate crimes.

The resolution puts in writing what leaders from all walks of religious beliefs have given verbal assent to.

This resolution codifies the public statements into a form that can hold us all accountable for our words.

The religious community of the world can no longer allow the politicization of our God given right to believe and live in peace.

Therefore, this resolution will foster religious tolerance, the right to faith, freedom of speech, and freedom from reprisal or persecution.

We therefore hold all religious and political leaders to their words of peace.

We agree that the answer to religious disagreements is dialogue and/or debate without violence, or violent responses.

This resolution does not seek to be political nor ecumenical. It does not intend to convert or compare nor interpret religions. It is not racially or nationally oriented.



We understand that there are extremes in every religion.

We therefore agree that violence of any kind to exercise a religious point or to cause conversion is unacceptable.

Representatives from religions throughout the world that are connected by our common humanity and personal belief in their creator, hereby resolve to honor, respect, and acknowledge every individual's right to their faith in the creator.

Therefore, we resolve that the inalienable rights of all individuals shall be respected.

We believe that each religion lived out by individuals or an organization has the right to peacefully present its view of theology, people, and the hereafter.

All National and religious entities have the right to proclaim their religious beliefs and to debate them in any open forum without violence.

We recognize the individual's right to believe in the religion of their choice.

Men and women everywhere have the God given right to convert or not to convert to any religion without harm from any other religion or national politic.

We agree that no opposing religion or nation has the right to interfere in the religious service of another.

The individual has the right to debate the facts about his or her religion without fear of reprisal.

Every individual has the right to hear and to be heard. A citizen of the world has the right to know the facts about their religious beliefs and have access to their holy books.

Every person no matter what religion, race, or nationality has the right to live at peace with their neighbor no matter what their faith.

Each individual from any religion has the right to listen to another individual.

No one has the right to interfere or disrupt a religious service.

Every seeker has the right to enter a religious service for their own exploration of knowledge.

They all want others to know what they know.

We, therefore, assert that all people have a divine right to share what they know and to live at peace with the results