New Board Member!

Ambassadors for Peace, Inc is happy to announce the addition of our new board member Mike Gratzke. MikeGratzke Web

Mike Gratzke is Pastor of Community First Church of God. He is also an experienced conference speaker, church planter and publishers of Grace Revolution Today magazine.

On December 19, 2017, Pastor Mike Gratzke and Dr. Garry Ansdell signed a partnership agreement to present both Peace Plans to nations around the world. Pastor Mike and Rev. David Winn, Executive Director of Church of God in Southern California will travel to Israel in January (2018) to present the Peace Plans to government officials and leaders of Jewish and Christian affairs.

Pray for Israel and the United States to be the example to the nations of the world to commit to religious peace and stand against the rising tide of hatred in America and around the world.

The New Partnership: Ambassadors for Peace 2018, will be announced on Dr. Ansdell’s internet television program, Windows of the World. It’s aired on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network (HSBN) founded by Church of God pastors 3 years ago. HSBN reaches out to 138 nations and 40 million viewers.

In Israel, Pastors Mike and David will meet with Chris Mitchell CBN Middle East Bureau Chief in Jerusalem. Mr. Mitchell can help us present the Ambassadors for Peace agenda to every country in the Middle East.

Ambassadors for Peace is very excited to have Mike join us in our efforts to promote peaceful dialogue among those who oppose religious violence.