afp vision

Words spoken can change a heart. Words written can change a culture. Words agreed upon can change the world. The constitutions of any country codify the words of the people and its leaders. The Bill of Rights that America holds so dear was dreamed of by oppressed people, spoken of by freedom-loving leaders, signed by men of vision. These words of liberty were codified as an umbrella for a society to be sheltered from the reigns of tyranny.

Freedom of religion now needs its own "Bill of Rights." Lives are lost each day to the fanaticism of religion. Every generation has seen it and no religion can look at its history and be without blame. It is time for the moorings of religion to be acknowledged globally. They should not be politicized nor ignored. Every mainline religious leader of all faiths speak of the peace that their people want. The Religious Freedom Resolution gives individuals and leaders the opportunity to come together, not as one religion, but for the freedom of all religions. Ambassadors for Peace.

promoting peaceful dialogue among those who oppose religious violence