1. Is this about creating a one world religion?

NO, It allows all religions to dialogue without fear of government( religious or otherwise) interfere.


2. Is Ambassadors for Peace endorsing all religions as equal?

All religions are not equal in size of members or religious writings or opportunities to share their faith. This acknowledges everyone's divine right to be different.


3. Is this Resolution needed?

Yes, Many moderates do not have a voice in their religion. The extremists try to represent all the people. This is a tool for the individual to be heard and for the Leaders who voice religious freedom to put their name on the line.


4. What is so different about this Resolution?

All religious resolutions, until now, assume all religions are fundamentally the same. Same God, different name, same purpose, different means of expressing them.


This resolution recognizes the difference in religions. their gods, their means of salvation, and the purpose of their religion.


5. How did it come about?

911 provoked it. This is not an attempt to whitewash any tragedy of violence, but to take a positive step to religious liberty around the world for sincere people and hold the law breakers and extremist accountable for their actions.

promoting peaceful dialogue among those who oppose religious violence